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Organization of Pre-conference Workshops and Symposia

  • De la Pava, R., D. Pérez, S. Ortiz & M. Diazgranados. 2015. I Simposio Internacional de Tradiciones en Plantas Medicinales y Alimenticias. IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Etnobiología. Sep. 28–Oct. 2, Popayán, Colombia.
  • Orejuela, A., C. Vargas & M. Diazgranados. 2015. Mesa de trabajo: El rol de los jardines botánicos en la conservación de la flora. VIII Congreso Colombiano de Botánica, Aug. 2–6, Manizales, Colombia. Eight invited speakers.
  • Ávila, F. & M. Diazgranados. 2015. II Simposio de Biogeografía. VIII Congreso Colombiano de Botánica, Aug. 2–6, Manizales, Colombia. Eight invited speakers.
  • Diazgranados, M. and V. Funk. 2013. Symposium of Biogeography of Neotropical Plants. VII Congreso Colombiano de Botánica, Aug. 6–11, Ibagué, Colombia. Twelve invited speakers: Jorge Crisci, Pedro Acevedo, Christine Bacon, Charles Zarman, Michael Douglas, David Rivera, Vicki Funk, Mauricio Diazgranados, Gustavo Heiden, Jason Cantley, Caetano Troncoso-Oliveira and Shannon Still.
  • Diazgranados, M. and V. Funk. 2011. Curso Introducción a las Compuestas de Colombia: sistemática, evolución y biogeografía. VI Congreso Colombiano de Botánica, Aug. 8–10, Cali, Colombia. 24 credit hours, with 9 invited speakers and 22 assistants.


Synergistic Activities

  • Editor in chief of Perez-Arbelaezia, scientific journal of the Bogotá Botanical Garden.
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the Bogotá Botanical Garden.
  • Reviewer for the Committee of Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society (since 2009).
  • Reviewer editor of Applications in Plant Sciences (Editor board reviewer: http://www.botany.org/apps/).
  • Reviewer for Taxon (since 2013).
  • Reviewer for Phytotaxa (since 2013).
  • Reviewer for Phytokeys (since 2012).
  • Reviewer for BioScience (since 2013).
  • Reviewer for the Botanical Society of America's Graduate Student Research Awards: http://www.botany.org/awards/2013/gsra/.
  • Committee member for the Delimitation of the Páramo Ecosystem in Colombia, National Environmental Department, Colombia.
  • Member of the Diaspora of Colombian Scientists (http://diasporacolombia.org/), North American Node.
  • Curator for the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Compositae Desktop project (http://compositae.lifedesks.org/members and http://synthesis.eol.org/synthesismeetings/compositae).
  • Curator for the Virtual Key of the Compositae Project (http://www.vkcomp.org/contributors.html).
  • Supervisor of the Cuatrecasas Project, Smithsonian Institution, since 2006.
  • Counseling for the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, U. Piloto de Colombia.
  • Author of Educative Sections of the DINI magazine (Diners’s magazine for children until 16-years-old), since May 2000. 50.000 copies of this journal are printed monthly, distribution in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Central America. 1st position in National Ranking for Children Magazines (Ages 8–12).
  • Member and Founder of the School of Botany, Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Professional Guide of Ecotourism, Clorofila Urbana (1994–present).


Professional Societies

  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists-ASPT
  • Asociación Latinoamericana de Botánica-ALB
  • Asociación Colombiana de Botánica-ACB
  • Botanical Society of Washington-BSW
  • Botanical Society of America-BSA
  • Golden Key International Honour Society-GK
  • International Association of Plant Taxonomists-IAPT
  • International Biogeography Society-IBS
  • Society of Systematic Biologists-SSB
  • The International Compositae Alliance-TICA

These are some of my codes and tips you might find useful:  GREP formulas  |  Dendropy.  Coming soon: R Codes  |  PAUP codes  |  Nexus for MrBayes  |  Garli codes  |  Python codes for GIS. 

Postdoctoral researcher | Botany | National Museum of Natural History | Smithsonian Institution
PO Box 37012, Washington DC 20013 | Phone: (202)633-0951 | Email: espeletias@gmail.com
Useful links
Interactive Digital Key for Espeletiinae

Access to the key HERE

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Gallery of Espeletiinae

With 5000 pics, this is the World's largest collection of photographs of Espeletiinae (a.k.a. frailejones). Check it out HERE!


Recent recommended papers

Read this paper by Madriñán et al. (2013): Páramo is the world's fastest evolving and coolest biodiversity hotspot.

My latest publication

This is my latest paper (Diazgranados & Morillo, 2013): A new species of Coespeletia (Asteraceae, Millerieae) from Venezuela. Check it out!

Latest organized event

The first Symposium of Biogeography of Neotropical Plants in Colombia was a total success! (Diazgranados & Funk, 2013)